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1443 11/07/14  gj7dni:  ok and grat lighting page//ps:all jersey just had an earth quake 2.7
1428 11/07/14  G4CQM:  I will be transfering all of the shouts to a special VC1T page in the coming days, keep watch!
1427 11/07/14  gj7dni:  rx g4swx at 11:1
1426 11/07/14  gj7dni:  thanks for trying..
1329 11/07/14  ei4dq:  vc1t tnx guys great work from you all
1249 11/07/14  GN4OMA/p:  VC1T thanks for putting on the station. We have had quite an experience of designing, building and fixing GN4OMA/p. Using a new mode. photos on facebook, club website etc. 73,s the station.
1245 11/07/14  VC1T:  Please forward any details on possible reception reports to alphonsepenney(at)gmail(dot)com 73 de VC1T
1240 11/07/14  gd6icr:  VC1T many many thanks for persevering 73
1236 11/07/14  gd6icr:  GN4OMA pse ring 01624627122
1232 11/07/14  VC1T:  Well, the time has come for VC1T to shut down and get ready to head home. Thanks very much to everyone who has supported us. It's been a lot of fun!
1232 11/07/14  EI8JK:  VC1T now QRT
1201 11/07/14  g4urt:  ...tnx info to all.
1200 11/07/14  g4urt:  FSK441 it is then...RX only.
1157 11/07/14  EI8JK:  I'm on FSK441 as is EI4DQ & EI9E
1156 11/07/14  GN4OMA/p:  all kit up and running FSK441. Paint nearly dry
1146 11/07/14  g4urt:  JT65b or FSK441??? Confused of JO00....
1125 11/07/14  EI8JK:  End stop EI4DQ here unsurprisingly
1108 11/07/14  gj7dni:  rx ei4dq at 09.56
1008 11/07/14  ei4dq:  txing 1st 144.155 4x11 el and 1kw
0943 11/07/14  GJ7DNI:  qrv and monitoring 144.155 gm all
0910 11/07/14  SWL:  VC1T ???
1744 10/07/14  DJ3AK:  GN4OMA/P nice sigs in JO52GJ some minutes ago
1408 10/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T back on the air after a computer and transmitter failure. FSK441, 144.155 MHz, EU first.
1406 10/07/14  gj7dni:  rr back on fsk
1325 10/07/14  PA0A:  JO33DE RX FSK441 now
1256 10/07/14  GJ7DNI:  rx ei9e 105300 io51
1255 10/07/14  GJ7DNI:  rx ei9e 105300
1235 10/07/14  G4SWX:  There are MS pings both periods at the moment VC1T neeed to say what to TX
1230 10/07/14  ei4dq:  g4swz rrr hi and just in case u are wondering i do have a licence for 1kw
1228 10/07/14  G4SWX:  Tom it is reserved for 'novices'
1223 10/07/14  ei4dq:  g4swz whats qrp ??? hi
1216 10/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ life is too short for QRP !
1202 10/07/14  GJ7DNI:  OK for now jt65b
1157 10/07/14  ei4dq:  my erp =76763 watts
1154 10/07/14  G4IDR:  VC1T RR many thanks for the update
1142 10/07/14  ei4dq:  txing 1st 4x11 power 1kw
1139 10/07/14  VC1T:  WE intend to get back to FSK441 as soon as computer problems are resolved. Stay tuned for updates.
0811 10/07/14  G4IDR:  Iwould be interested to know why you are favouring JT65B ??
0810 10/07/14  G4IDR:  OK GB3NGI bcn is up on tropo +10dB at 350km away but that is more normal morning enhancement for me
0808 10/07/14  G4IDR:  VC1T I would suggest if you have no JT65B decodes or RX reports by 12.00UTC today please go to FSK441 min 12.30 to 15.30 as I think that this is the peak MS + ES/tropo time BUT main mode is first MS
0304 10/07/14  vc1t:  Now on 144.155 JT65B until 14:00 UTC EU call first.
2150 09/07/14  GD6ICR:  QRT Also cu tomorrow
2102 09/07/14  GJ7DNI :  nill today gn qrt
1851 09/07/14  vc1t:  Rope Yagi repaired. back on primary antenna. 144.155 FSK 441EU call first.
1305 09/07/14  gd6icr:  antenna is flexing in the wind - almost northerly winds here
1236 09/07/14  G4SWX:  Very windy here so I have stopped for a bit
1152 09/07/14  GJ7DNI:  (094800 va9gv va9cz b9c w) on sceen hre
1134 09/07/14  ei4dq:  nice and sunny hr
1133 09/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ another few bursts as I have stopped to let the shack cool down
1133 09/07/14  ei4dq:  g4swx same from u john
1133 09/07/14  G4SWX:  I have NW gales this afternoon so I will have to turn the array into the wind
1131 09/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ yes Tom as you might have noticed... great bursts from you today again
1012 09/07/14  ei4dq:   sri vc1t
1009 09/07/14  ei4dq:  tuf going with vcit my rig thinks i dont love it anymore its getting so much abuse hi
1006 09/07/14  gd6icr:  Very poor here this morning - been on since 6am
1006 09/07/14  ei4dq:   i get forgetful with age hi
1004 09/07/14  ei4dq:  sorry john forgot my call
1004 09/07/14  ei4dq:  g4swx did u get ur system back in order john
1001 09/07/14  G4SWX:  yes - who are you ?
0952 09/07/14  g4swx:  did u get ur system back in order john
0932 09/07/14  G4SWX:  AT leasr 2 callers in first period so GL
1933 08/07/14  rs212194:  good luck with this
1905 08/07/14  pa1bvm:  2 RX here 1 x 17 ele and 4 x 10 ele not TX-ing !!..
1902 08/07/14  pa1bvm:  monitoring .155 no backscatter or any station calling around jo21
1900 08/07/14  g4urt:  derek - tnx info - ants down and disconnected - thunder! worse in germany though!!
1851 08/07/14  G4CQM:  Max antenna height would be advantage!
1828 08/07/14  G4CQM:  Very unlikely Peter, due to the extreme QRB sigs will come in low angle!
1746 08/07/14  g4urt:  question - would elevation be an advantage?
1741 08/07/14  g4urt:  - and using 4 x 10 H G4CQMs...
1734 08/07/14  g4urt:  now monitoring - better late than never - fsk441
1551 08/07/14  G4CQM:  VC1T transmitting 24/7 144.155 FSK 2nd. 700 W & 24 db gain. EU pse call us 1st...VC1T transmitting 24 hours a day all week..GL.
1544 08/07/14  gm6vxb:  You will find PSK2K is not better than FSK. Would also 'block' another station if one heard first
1517 08/07/14  GJ7DNI:  qrt for a bit
1426 08/07/14  dj9ev:  Why dont use PSK2K? Offers automatic qso and better sensivity...
1415 08/07/14  GN4OMA/p:  still here in the hot seat
1343 08/07/14  pe1pqx:  listening in...
1313 08/07/14  GJ7DNI:  my wx station go's mad if i tx fsk
1311 08/07/14  gj7dni:  found i had 9.3 on pc now runing it
1307 08/07/14  G4CQM:  VC1T have on their website asked people to use the latest version. Yours is way out of date!
1304 08/07/14  gj7dni:  ok will try is it a lot better?
1256 08/07/14  G4CQM:  You need the latest version WSJT 9.7 r3639
1226 08/07/14  gj7dni:  i am useing wsjt 7 is there an update now or is this ok?
1223 08/07/14  gj7dni:  qrv today 8am--22hrs
0712 08/07/14  G4SWX:  I will not be QRV today - major station failure
0626 08/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T 24 hours a day 144.155 FSK441 2nd EU pse transmit to us 1st period...GL !
0432 08/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T transmitting FSK441 2nd 144.155 EU please call 1st
0431 08/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T transmitting 24 hrs every day all week...hope to hear you pse call us 1st sequence FSK441
0347 08/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T looking for all EU to call today 1st sequence pse...gl
0007 08/07/14  g4swx:  gn john
2307 07/07/14  G4SWX:  Goodnight all I am done for the day - back 06:00 tomorrow
2109 07/07/14  G4CQM:  TEST
1319 07/07/14  ei4dq:   in fact thats a good idea its lunch time
1317 07/07/14  ei4dq:  u could now cook an egg on my ic910 it so hot hi
1301 07/07/14  EI8JK:  If I moved 3100Km west I would be 7Km the other side of them ! Pretty pathetic that I can't hear them
1253 07/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ Tom just move yourself 3100Km to the West....
1226 07/07/14  ei4dq:  nice burst from u john g4swx
1204 07/07/14  ei4dq :  may get a reflection off a ufo hi
1201 07/07/14  ei4dq :  hi john using 4x11 5deq elevated 280deq
1157 07/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ Tom Loads of rocks about I am seeing you every 2 periods or so
1131 07/07/14  ei4dq:  10 aircraft flying close to each other just over st johns heading to eu may get some scatter wishfull thinking
1039 07/07/14  F4EZJ:  Nice to see decode sceen...many work start to pay!
1038 07/07/14  F4EZJ:  Gm and congrats to VC1T team and G4SWX team!!
1006 07/07/14  2I0LDC:  G4IDR thank you we will be tx'ing soon
1005 07/07/14  G4IDR:  First on FSK444 but I am not going to TX unless I get proper decode of VC1T
0957 07/07/14  2I0LDC:  G4IDR are we first or second today?
0850 07/07/14  G4IDR:  GN4OMA/P please fix ur TX you are now TX 2nd period when it should be first
0840 07/07/14  G4IDR:  GN4OMA/P please fix ur TX timing , you are going into the 2nd period
0829 07/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T want all EU to call today 1st sequence pse...gl
0828 07/07/14  VC1T:  sked change...VC1T FSK441 all day unless further notice...EU tx 1st
0816 07/07/14  VC1T :  GM EU... VC1T never sleeps... clicking on anything that moves..GL EU!
0349 07/07/14  VO1XH:  Congratulations to the VC1T crew
0145 07/07/14  EA8FF:  VC1T, G4SWX nice, hope you succeed during the next days !
0057 07/07/14  VO1HP:  OK found the NEWS ....congrats to VC1T and G4SWX
0047 07/07/14  VO1HP:  G4CQM...where is the "FRONT PAGE" update....which site??
0024 07/07/14  G4CQM:  VC1T A GREAT DAYS WORK!!!
0006 07/07/14  VC1T:  CHANGES TO THE VC1T SCHEDULE: Due to today's success with FSK441, we will continue to operate in that mode on Monday. It will be 30 second intervals, with Europe transmitting first. Good luck to everyone!
2337 06/07/14  GN4OMA/P:  VC1T GN4OMA/P are going qrt for tonight back tomorrow
2329 06/07/14  VC1T:  Thanks John. VC1T now reverting to calling CQ. FSK441, EU transmits first.
2324 06/07/14  G4SWX:  VC1T now QRT as i am too tired etc QRV 06:00 tomorrow
2320 06/07/14  G4CQM :  Front page updated with todays news!!!
2302 06/07/14  GN4OMA/p:  GD6ICR our tx timing seems ok here we are tx at 00 every minute
2223 06/07/14  GD6ICR:  GN4OMA please fix your TX timing
2044 06/07/14  GN4OMA/P :  VC1T GN4OMA still transmitting fsk441
1805 06/07/14  DM8MM:  G4SWX: good idea ;-) now here clear frequency
1520 06/07/14  PA4EME:  Enough backscatter from John so rocks are in the west
1449 06/07/14  G4SWX:  VC1T get Al or Roger to check email!!!!
1402 06/07/14  ei4dq:   we will try everything john hi
1401 06/07/14  ei4dq:  f5mfo hi beam heading 280deq tnx rpt
1401 06/07/14  G4SWX:  First 6m trans-Atlantic spots appearing
1400 06/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ I wouldn't think that elevation was needed it is a very long stretch this one
1358 06/07/14  f5mfo:  ei4dq bonjour : +4db jn19ib
1358 06/07/14  ei4dq:  r g4swx rr john i have my 4x11 also elevated abt 5deq maybe get some iona scatter
1357 06/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T is using 2 antennas. 43 ele 100ft yagi at 60 degrees. 17b2 rotatable yagi now at 90 degrees... EU pse transmit 1st sequence. listening for any of you who can make it...gl
1353 06/07/14  G4SWX:  DM8MM I have my second array on TX beaming East!!!!!
1352 06/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ one burst every 2 periods so the rocks are OK out in the Atlantic
1347 06/07/14  DM8MM:  Good luck! Contesters on frequency from time to time
1346 06/07/14  ei4dq:  g4swx rr john ur very nice hi
1344 06/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ I am keeping the EU contesters off your back - GL
1342 06/07/14  ei4dq:  g4swx hi john nice sigs from u also
1337 06/07/14  G4SWX:  EI4DQ nice backscatter on you Tom
1326 06/07/14  ei4dq:  txing 1st 4x11
1307 06/07/14  ei2ii:  tx from IO53 FSK441
1305 06/07/14  VC1T:  EU ops please transmit 1st until further notice...we are looking for your signals today
1234 06/07/14  VC1T:  EU pse try to make the bridge...EU TX 1st FSK.... hoping for EU side prop to get halfway
1232 06/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T is receiving 22 dB pings backscatter of our stn 1 sigs
1218 06/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T Transatlantic attempt on 144.155 ongoing on FSK 441. EU Tx first. 800 W & 24 db gain.
1212 06/07/14  VC1T:  G4IDR that must be an EU stn calling us....looked like something good for a moment...keep trying pse...GL
1209 06/07/14  VC1T:  GM / GA VC1T transmitting FSK441 until 23:59 today. Listening on both antennas. EU pse call 1st until further notice...GL.
1151 06/07/14  G4IDR:  so far nothing from the 2nd periods
1110 06/07/14  G4SWX:  Do not get excited about CW reflections on 155 - there is a contest station to the East calling CQ test...
1059 06/07/14  G4CQM:  John, thanks providing some clarity!
1044 06/07/14  G4SWX:  There are backscatter bursts from 4 or 5 Irish stations first period calling - no reports
0948 06/07/14  G4IDR:  VC1T I have decodes @ 081300 EI4LRC VC1T EI4LRC VC1T EI4LRC VCit and at 084300 CT1 E ? R? , I will continue to monitor. I don't know if thiws fits with your reception
0909 06/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T transmitting FSK441 towards Ireland with 800 watts and 24 dBd rope yagi.
0720 06/07/14  VC1T:  A reminder that today is FSK441, 30 secomd intervals, EU transmit first.
0707 06/07/14  G4IDR:  to GN4OMA , and check which mode for which day
0706 06/07/14  G4IDR:  to GN4OMA , you only transmit if you copy VC1T or if they ask you to TX
0239 06/07/14  VE1JF:  GL VC1T
2156 05/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T transatlantic attempt on 144.155 ongoing JT-65B 800W and 24 dBd yagi.
2032 05/07/14  GN4OMA/p:  TNX, the website is confusing. " VC1T will always transmit 2nd (odd)" so we are transmitting on the even minutes.
2023 05/07/14  PE1PQX:  GN4OMA: Check http://www.brendanquest.org/home.html
2017 05/07/14  GN4OMA/p:  Is VC1T transmitting on the odd or even minutes?
2002 05/07/14  PE1PQX:  I have some 'RRR', but no call ID
1828 05/07/14  VO1HP:  VC1T Back!!
1826 05/07/14  VO1HP:  VC1T JT65 not tansmitting for past 15 mins
1806 05/07/14  f5rrs:  Monitoring 144,155 JT65B for a while from JN36EB
1642 05/07/14  vo1na:  best wishes to you. i just worked ea8 on 6m
1445 05/07/14  F5LHF:  Still nothing in JN25EM. But we are just at the beginning !
1434 05/07/14  VC1T:  had weak traces at 13:19 for 3 min not pings...
1332 05/07/14  GD6ICR:  Monitoring 155 Good luck
1329 05/07/14  VC1T:  Hard at it 17B2 just abt ready to RX
1324 05/07/14  G4IDR:  John, I agree , nothing from the west at this QTH
1314 05/07/14  EI8JK:  All quiet here on 144.155, thank goodness for an excellent FB ratio
1259 05/07/14  G4SWX:  All sorts of Eu stations playing JT65 both periods so unless resolved all reports are probably duds!!!
1254 05/07/14  vc1t:  now monitoring shoutbox ...internet not reliable
1253 05/07/14  VC1T:  G4CQM excellent news
1228 05/07/14  DC6HQ:  vy 55 on 144,155 gd DX !!!
1223 05/07/14  PE1PQX:  Listening in on 144.155, but think I have to many birdy's.
1217 05/07/14  G4CQM:  VC1T - M0VRL QRB = 3457KM!
1153 05/07/14  G4CQM:  Just received phone call from Terry M0VRL IO70PO. He is hearing weak JT65B signal in/out noise on 155. He let me listen to it over phone!!! Terry is downloading WSJT to see if he can decode. Beam heading is definately on VC1T! Terry has big station and has the distance record with D44TD!
1149 05/07/14  vo1hp:  VC1T JT65 sig very strong 40km west on 80m OCF
0959 05/07/14  VE2DSB:  from your JT65b tone
0952 05/07/14  VE2DSB:  RX few ping earlier, rocks are alive my way
0939 05/07/14  VC1T:  VC1T 144.155 JT65B all day Sat UTC. Will switch to FSK441 Sun UTC.
0841 05/07/14  ei4dq:  monitoring 155 nothing to date hrd
0027 05/07/14  ei2ii:  listning on 144.155, good luck VC1T
0002 05/07/14  VE2DSB:  Listening 155 pointing GN37 and waiting back scatter...GL
1851 04/07/14  VC1T:  back to work...only 5 of us... working as fast as possible
1850 04/07/14  VC1T:  second antenna being set up now...condx still difficult, making good progress...
1849 04/07/14  VC1T:  both towers up antenna nice and straight...running coax to house
1354 04/07/14  ei4dq:  4x11el looking your way wish you luck
1332 04/07/14  VE2DSB:  984 Mi away from here..perfect distance for MS.....GL Team
1330 04/07/14  VE2DSB:  Antenna turn your way and QRV FSK, Back scatter...never know
1232 04/07/14  VO1HP:  VC1T wishing you success...73 Frank
1217 04/07/14  G4CQM:  Stay safe guys!!!
1155 04/07/14  VC1T:  TU for all the good wishes...back to the antenna....
1154 04/07/14  VC1T:  Looking forward to getting this going before hurricane lands
1153 04/07/14  VC1T:  Very windy condx..making things difficult to start...
1152 04/07/14  VC1T:  At Pouch Cove..setting up antenna ... QRV in 4 plus hours
2225 03/07/14  F4FPR:  Ready here with WSJT on IN88DI (EU side of Atlantic)
0028 03/07/14  VE2DSB:  Good luck guys on the expedition, will try to copy you, what ever antenna are pointing...HI!
1833 02/07/14  DK8VS:  good luck !
2054 29/06/14  F5LHF:  Test and good luck VC1T.
2048 26/06/14  ei4dq:  test
2047 26/06/14  ei4dq:  test
2016 15/06/14  PA4EME:  New operating schedule VC1T available on MMMonVHF
1458 10/06/14  VE1SKY:  BrendanQuest July 4-12 2014 ON4KST and this page for realtime info
1224 29/05/14  G4URT:  Test - MMMonVHF announcement
1005 15/04/14  PA0A:  TEST
1621 21/03/14  VE2DSB:  Test
2129 15/03/14  VO1NO:  Derek - can you send me your e-mail address please alphonsepenney@gmail.com
2318 16/07/13  G4CQM:  TROPO TO D44TD - NO COPY HERE I'M NOT IN THE DUCT :-(
2222 15/07/13  ve9aa:  had AE to mm0amw on 6m,but not intense sigs like a week or so ago
2325 12/07/13  G4CQM:  Nothing on this side Mike...
2313 12/07/13  ve9aa:  short es in NA in 2 directions. CQ 144.300.6 CW, keyer. Wait on4kst.com reg-2 chat page
2313 12/07/13  ve9aa:  short es in NA in 2 directions. CQ 144.300.6 CW, keyer. Wait on4kst.com reg-2 chat page
1334 04/07/13  ve9aa:  big sigs on 6m from ct,ea8
1540 29/06/13  ve9aa:  shame there wasn't someone on 2m from Scotland last night. MM0AMW peaked 20/9 on 6m via AU-Es.....a definate rarity. SIGH!
0148 29/06/13  ve9aa:  CQ EU 144.300.6 CW...strong Au-Es on 6m to Scotland
2330 28/06/13  ve9aa:  on 6m. . ...
2330 28/06/13  ve9aa:  AU_Es into EU from W0/W9/VE4 - MM0/OZ areas. Weak yet. Keep watch !
2132 26/06/13  G4CQM:  Yes Mark, D44TD was on just a couple of weeks ago... Tropo building here, I can just hear CU8DUB and Vitor CU3EQ on CW about an hour ago on .300...
1245 26/06/13  EI3KD:  Is D44TD still QRV 2m, does anyone know? CS3 beacon good here today!
0919 24/06/13  G4CQM:  Hello Mike... I designed the beams for GB3WGI, follow/paste this link: http://g4cqm.www.idnet.com/GI6ATZ/index.html
2205 23/06/13  VE9AA:  What antenna does GB3WGI run ? (and is it still 100W) beaming to W1? W4? Thanks - 73 de Mike
2201 23/06/13  VE9AA:  http://www.on4kst.org/chat/login.php?band=7 in case I am not noticing condx on 2m you can find me here.
2200 23/06/13  VE9AA:  Today I hooked up a memory keyer to call CQ when warranted. Likely be 144.300MHz I suppose. Glady give up a 6m (or 4m-xband) QSO for a 2m one !!
2159 23/06/13  VE9AA:  RR DErrick. Already programmed into memory. Yes I will listen for it. I can very often be found on on4lst.com Reg 2 - 50MHz chat page
1031 23/06/13  G4CQM:  Mike, pleased to hear your news! Listen for the NEW TransAtlantic beacon GB3WGI on 144.487MHz... There have been E's openings a few years ago on BAND 2 FM with reception reports in N.Ireland and Scotland of stations in your area!!
2004 22/06/13  ve9aa:  Just got my 2m stn QRV once again. For the moment, 100w and 17el yagi fixed to EU/UK
0046 22/06/13  G4CQM:  Bermuda Azores High building for next week... Tropo prediction for EA8, D44 etc!!!
1448 20/06/13  ve9aa:  Summer Solstice in ~ 15 hours. Es tends to get intense from now til July 10-15th or so. GL !! I'll be on on4kst.com reg 2 50MHZ chat (mostly)
0907 13/06/13  G4CQM :  Hello Mike thanks for checking in!!! I'm still here... Yesterday worked UA1ASA/1 in KO48GH via E's... Continue to monitor the Atlantic direction... 73's Derek
0020 13/06/13  VE9AA:  Hey Derek- the Es season is upon us ! 73 - Mike
0334 11/03/13  G4CQM:  PY2LCD/B - 144290.0 - 11 Mar - 03:03 - FM8DY - 549 now!
0217 07/03/13  G4CQM:  I've enjoyed some good conditions over the past week, DX to the East etc. I'm currently QRV with TR751E and Microset SR-200 linear using experimental 9 ele FLOWA...Some new beams to test soon!
2023 31/12/12  G4CQM:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
2039 23/12/12  M0ZLI:  Hoping to have something half decent up soon. Probably nothing more than 5 or so on 2m. Merry Christmas all, and good DX for the New Year...